• LinkedIn, Facebook, Podcasts, Blogs... Arghhh!


    Beat the overwhelm and implement a targeted Attraction Marketing strategy

    Do you wonder where you would get the time to post regularly on Social Media Platforms?

    Do you want to make sure that what you share actually leads to more of the opportunities you want?


    Do you just want someone to wave the magic wand and make it easy?

  • We know how you feel

    We started randomly posting content on Social Media and getting serious fatigue - we started wondering what all the hype was about. But when we got really clear on our outcomes we put in place a strategy that actually lead to the results we wanted - engaged people in our network with none of the hard sales!

  • How it Works

  • Our Process

    We make it easy for you!


    Expert Positioning

    We focus on positioning you as an authority


    Case Studies & Social Proof

    We take your own experience and thought leadership to highlight results


    Client Attraction

    You want the people who you most want to connect to to be attracted to you. You also want to know who is taking an interest! We develop a lead magnet for you to share.



    We focus on channels that connect you to decision makers and give you proximity to the right people

  • That is why we now offer Attraction Marketing Packages

    We've got a top notch team!

    Platinum Package - Global Authority

    $4,000US per month

    Global Leader– Engage and build a following! Gold Package + Video Blogging + Support for Launches (Books/Courses etc)

    Gold Package - Leading Expert

    $2,000US per month

    LinkedIn + Facebook + Conferences and Podcasting Guest Speaker

    Silver package plus speaker strategy to get exposure in key forums of influencers/decision makers

    Silver Package - Attention Seeker

    $1,000US per month

    LinkedIn Only – 3 x relevant shares/week, 1 researched and written blog post per month, 1 downloadable lead generator per quarter, maintain and report on lead database

  • Are you the one?

    These packages are not for everyone - If you are.....

    Wanting to position yourself as an expert in your field

    Overwhelmed when it comes to Social Media - and want it done for you

    Ready to make a change from reactive approach to proactive approach

    Willing to spend 2 hrs per quarter to map out the strategy and content that will be implemented on your behalf

  • Our Guarantee to you

    We let the results speak for themselves.

    Money Back Guarantee

    Should you find after 2 weeks of working with us that we're not the right fit with you, then we offer a full refund to you.

    Safe Space to Test & Trial

    We offer you a safe zone to test your ideas to attract the right clients, team and investors to you.


    We stand for value upfront and honesty and transparency - so you can count on that and ask us anything!

    Respect and understanding

    We were not all born equal, and we all face our own challenges - we promise to show understanding and respect for whatever situation you might find yourself in.

  • Your investment

    We're upfront about what you'll need to invest


    2 hrs per quarter to put your content strategy in place

    plus, we expect you to do 30mins of 'homework' a week -to review any content that has been created and give feedback.


    We have three options Platinum, Gold and Silver. We can discuss with you which package will give you the best return on investment and why, based on your goals .

    Book now for a complimentary chat to decide which package is best suited to your needs.